Wilson has recently released new versions of their popular Blade 98 (V8) and Ultra 100 (V4) tennis rackets, and in this article, I will be looking at the specs of both rackets to see how these two rackets compare to each other.

Wilson Blade 98 vs Ultra 100 Comparison

In the comparison below I have used the V8 version of the Wilson Blade 98 and the V4 version of the Wilson Ultra 100.

Racket Specs

Specs: Blade 98 Ultra 100
Version: V8 V4
Design: Wilson Blade 98 V8 Wilson Ultra 100 V4
Head Size: 98in 100in
Length: 27in 27in
Strung Weight: 320g 318g
Unstrung Weight: 305g 300g
Swing Weight: 317g 317g
Balance: 5 pts HL 4 pts HL
TW Stiffness Rating: 61 70
Power: Low to Medium Low to Medium
Player Level: Advanced Advanced
Beam Width: 21mm/21mm/21mm 24mm/26.5mm/25mm
Colors: Green and Black Blue and Black
String Pattern: 16 x 19 16 x 19
Main Skips: 8T,8H 8T,8H
Grip Type: Pro Performance Grip Pro Performance Grip

Head Size

The Wilson Blade 98 (98in) has a head size that is two inches smaller than the Wilson Ultra 100 (100in), so the Ultra 100 will have more power, a bigger sweet spot, and be more forgiving on off-center shots.

Racket Length

The Blade 98 and Ultra 100 have a standard racket length of 27 inches.

Strung Weight

The stung weight of the Blade 98 (320g) is 2g heavier than the strung weight of the Ultra 100 (318g), but the difference is very small.

Both rackets would be considered to be relatively heavy tennis rackets.

Unstrung Weight

The Blade 98 has an unstrung weight of 305gwhile the Ultra 100 has an unstrung weight of 300g.

Swing weight

Both frames have a swing weight of 317g.


The Blade 98 has a 5 pts HL balance, while the Ultra 100 has a 4 pts HL balance, which will suit players who have a full swing and good technique.

Stiffness Rating

The Blade 98 (61) has a much lower stiffness rating when compared with the Ultra 100 (70).

The Blade 98 is definitely the more arm friendly of the two tennis rackets.


The Blade 98 and Ultra 100 are both low to medium powered tennis rackets, so they will be better suited to advanced tennis players who have developed a full swing and have good technique on their groundstrokes.

Player Level

As mentioned above, the Ultra 100 and Blade 98 are best suited to advanced players.

Beam Width

The Blade 98 (21mm) has a thinner beam width when compared with the Ultra 100 (24mm/26.5mm/25mm), so you will get more control from the Blade but more power from the Ultra.

String Pattern

Both tennis rackets have a 16 x 19 string pattern, which will help you to generate spin on your shots.

Grip Type

Both tennis rackets have a Wilson Pro Performance Grip, which is standard for most Wilson rackets.

Source: https://toomanyrackets.com/wilson-blade-98-vs-ultra-100/

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