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What Alcaraz’s defeat means for the battle for No. 1

Djokovic is the live world No. 2.

June 20, 2024

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By ATPTour.com/es Staff

Carlos Alcaraz’s second-round loss to Jack Draper on Thursday at the Cinch Championships could have a big impact on the battle for No. 1 in the PIF ATP Rankings.

Jannik Sinner, who last week became the first Italian in history to reach World No. 1, has a chance at the Terra Wortmann Open to consolidate his position for the coming weeks.

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Sinner has 9,490 live points, putting him 1,130 points ahead of live world No. 2 Novak Djokovic and 1,360 points ahead of live world No. 3 Alcaraz.

PIF ATP Live Rankings (as of June 20)

Player Points Máximo Pts
1) Jannik Sinner 9,490 9,890
2) Novak Djokovic 8,360
3) Carlos Alcaraz 8,130

The 22-year-old Italian can add 400 more points if he lifts the Halle trophy at the end of the week, which would give him a margin of 1,530 points over his competitors.

Alcaraz was defending 500 points this week as last year’s Queen’s Club champion. Losing in the second round meant a net loss of 450 points, which allowed Djokovic to overtake him at world No. 2 in the PIF ATP Live Ranking.

An added advantage for Sinner is that he will also defend fewer points than Alcaraz and Djokovic at Wimbledon. The world No. 1 will only defend 720 points compared to Alcaraz’s 2,000 and Djokovic’s 1,200.

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