This year, 10 Shot of the Month winners were crowned. But only one was hailed as the Shot of the Year.

And what do you know, the champ is … Ons Jabeur.

Call her the trick-shot artist, the court magician or the wizard of creativity, Jabeur has made a name for herself with mesmerizing craftmanship that has regularly graced the highlight reel.

The winning must-see moment came against Belinda Bencic in the final of Credit One Charleston Open.

Down a break late on the first set, Jabeur was caught wrong-footed when Bencic hit a shot down the middle of the court.

Using her uncanny intuition, Jabeur returned the shot with a leaping front tweener and then followed it up with a perfectly executed backhand slice crosscourt winner to secure the game.

Jabeur would go on to win the match and title.

Oh, and for the record, Jabeur won the Shot of the Month four times this season. Only Zheng Qinwen won it more than once.

So, Ons Jabeur, here’s to a season marked by your one-of-a-kind courtcraft and to much more in 2024.


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