The French media The team has been recognized with the Ron Bookman Award for Media Excellence at the 2023 ATP Awards.

“It is a great honor for us, the journalists of The teamreceive the Ron Bookman Award from the ATP,” said The team. “Winning the award for the third time, after 1999 and 2010, suggests that the baton is being passed from one generation of journalists to the next.”

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Recognized for its excellent coverage of tennis on all its platforms (newspaper, magazine, digital, television), The team is proud to be present on the Tour throughout the year, and has a list of editors whose sole objective is tennis information: Lucile Alard, Vincet Cognet, Bertrand Lagacherie, Romain Lefebvre, David Loriot, Quentin Moynet, Franck Ramella and Julien Reboullet. Journalists Anne-Sophie Bourdet and Bruno Garay also play a key role for the magazine.

“Our commitment is to cover tennis as best as possible and to be consistent in trying to write about everything that makes this sport so complex, from the game itself, such as technique, tactical evolution and history, to the human of the game,” he declared The team. “We appreciate the fact of receiving this award collectively, because it is a true effort by ‘Equipe’ [equipo] throughout each season.


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