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ATP approves wearables in competition to improve player performance and recovery

Initiative marks new era of innovation in performance data analysis

June 27, 2024

The ATP has announced that, starting July 15, it approves wearable devices in competition on both the ATP Tour and the ATP Challenger Tour. The initiative ushers in a new era of data-driven performance analysis and injury prevention in tennis.

The wearables will provide players with cutting-edge information on physical metrics such as heart rate and high intensity load data, improving the analysis of their matches and training sessions. The ATP has approved the STATSports and Catapult devices, which will centralise all ATP Tennis IQ-Wearables data, an intuitive system for players.

This project introduces a new dimension to ATP Tennis IQ, an analytics platform launched in 2023 that provides players with access to match data and insights to aid both preparation and recovery. It is the ATP’s latest strategic initiative to improve the sport through technology, data and innovation.

Ross Hutchins, ATP Sporting Director, said: “The introduction of wearables on tour is a major step forward in our efforts to optimise player performance and prevent injury. Ultimately, it enables players to get the most out of their careers. We are delighted that cutting-edge data is more accessible than ever before and look forward to continuing our innovation in this regard.”

All data collected will be confidential, guaranteeing the privacy of the players and their teams. The second part of the initiative, which will incorporate cutting-edge information from wearables and player feedback, is planned for later this year.


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