Alcaraz praises Medvedev, his next rival at Wimbledon: “He’s like a wall”

Both will play on Friday for a place in the final

July 09, 2024

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Carlos Alcaraz beat Tommy Paul on Tuesday at Wimbledon.
By ATPTour.com/es Staff

Carlos Alcaraz is very clear about the challenge he faces in Friday’s semi-finals at Wimbledon. Although he was able to overcome him exactly one year ago in the same round of this event, and in straight sets, the Spaniard is already aware of all the weapons Daniil Medvedev, his next opponent, has.

“The most difficult thing about facing Medvedev or the most special thing about him is that he returns every ball. He is like a wall, every ball I hit, it comes back. I can make an incredible shot and the ball comes back, it is difficult to play thinking that. That is the most special thing about him,” said Alcaraz after beating Tommy Paul in the quarterfinals.

On the same day, Medvedev also had some praise for the Spaniard. “Every shot you play when you face him, he can answer with a winner. This is very special, there are not many players like that. He does what he wants from any position,” said the No. 5 in the PIF ATP Rankings in his press conference on Tuesday, after beating Jannik Sinner.

Alcaraz reacted to the praise from his next opponent. “I like that my opponents think that about me. It means that they have to be very focused on every shot, no matter if they are in an attacking or defensive position. It means that they think that I can stay in the point or come back to the point with an incredible shot or a winner.”

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The Murcian is aware of this strength, but he also feels prepared to face Medvedev even if he has a bad day in this aspect.

“It’s very difficult for me to play my best tennis in every match,” said Alcaraz, who has won his last 12 Grand Slam matches (and the same number at Wimbledon). “I know there will be some matches where I won’t be playing my best tennis, but I will still try to win them.”

“I think what the big three did [Federer, Nadal y Djokovic] “Throughout their careers it was like that. They are not always going to play their best tennis. Even then, they are going to find a good level to win those matches. That’s what I think. When I’m not playing my best tennis, I will try to find solutions to be a little bit better, just to beat the opponent.”

The Spaniard leads the Lexus ATP HeadToHead with Medvedev 4-2, and has remained in straight sets in the last two duels between the two, played at the 2023 Nitto ATP Finals and Indian Wells 2024. On Friday he will seek to increase his dominance in a rivalry that began at Wimbledon 2021 with a victory for Daniil.

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